Eco-sustainable House

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“CasaClima” philosophy

“CasaClima” (ClimateHouse) philosophy can be conveyed quoting the philosopher Hans Jonas who said: “Act so that the consequences of your actions are consistent with a lasting and authentic lifestyle on Earth.”

Building construction has a long lasting and important impact on the economic, socio-cultural, enviromental aspects of society. Hence, we can pursue a sustainable growth only if everyone takes on his/her own responsability.


Our choice

“La Perla” Farmhouse has been renovated bearing the above philosophy in mind. In fact, through a detailed and accurate planning, efficient and high standard construction methods and thanks to the cooperative and broad- minded owner, who passionately and definetly shared our policy, we have built an eco-sustainable house. “La Perla” Farmhouse, designed according to the ClimateHouse standards, can save up to 90% of the energy compared to traditionally built residences, thereby resulting in energy and money saving, high thermal insulation and environment protection. Hence, “La Perla” Farmhouse is qualified as KlimaHaus Gold, a certificate issued by the well renowned ClimateHouse/KlimaHaus Agency from Bolzano (Bozen).

Our solutions:


  • Very high thermal efficiency Insulation;
  • “Poroton” blocks used for external walls;
  • House wraps/coat for insulation;
  • Flooring with the use of Polystyrene and roofing with the use of chestnut timber and rock wool;
  • “Rotex” heat pump, plus solar pannels.



Indoor Air Quality is improved by a proper building ventilation which provides a continuous change of air with no energy waste.


In other words: staying in this kind of farmhouse is like being in Heaven!!
You can sleep well thanks to the excellent fresh air of our countryside and to the awareness of being surrounded by a sustainable environment.