Organic Farm

“La Perla” doesn’t give only hospitality welcoming tourists in Le Marche, but it also carries out an intense agricultural activity. The farmhouse is surrounded by 8 hectares of farmed land with cereals, barley, corn, forage, field beans.

During their stay at the farmhouse our guests can use our vegetable garden farmed with a wide range of seasonal, fresh and healthy vegetables.

Our cattle-breeding


A solid family tradition has been carrying on, over many years, the breeding of cattle, sheeps, pigs and other farm animals.
In fact the cattleshed is our “milestone”: it is a new, large, well managed structure giving room to 30 purebred cattle of Le Marche region.
We practise the genetic line cow-calf through the fertilization within our cattleshed and we do not buy outside cattle.
From our breeding we can obtain the famous “Scottona” which is a steak similar to the “Fiorentina” in Tuscany.
Our cattle are all registered in the “Libro genealogico Nazionale” (National Genealogical Book) and have a genetic certificate shown inside the cattleshed.
Interested or just curious tourists can witness the birth of the calves during their holidays at our farmhouse.

The processing of our beef cattle


The beef obtained from our breeding is lean, juicy and tasty, with excellent dietary values, low in cholesterol and high in proteins. It is processed, selected and packed in our own butchery business and sold in convenient and well-packaged family packs ready for consumption.

Straight from our butcher’s, a short walk from the farmhouse, you can buy meat ( beef, veal and lamb ), “salumi” (ham, sausages, salami), cheese and very good local wine.

Purebred cattle from Le Marche region


The history of purebred cattle from Le Marche region begins around the mid of the nineteenth century.

It is the result of a cross between Podolico cattle and Chianina bulls in order to have both stronger draft animals and more livestock for meat.

Its breeding is widespread throught central Italy, with a peak of expansion in Campania and Sicilia.

Purebred beef cattle from Le Marche region is equal to high quality meat.